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Radiance Aluminum Fence offers the Perfect Solution for Your Yard or Pool

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Let Radiance Help You Pick the Perfect Fence for Your Yard

Radiance can help you pick the perfect fence! We offer a scale of fence that will fit any project you’re  working on as well as many styles, colors, post sizes, and  picket spacing. The RAB-200 series of fence is geared toward the BOCA POOL Code and is one of our most popular amongst our  pool customers. Our other most popular, the RAF-200 Series, is a classic fence. This classic flat top design  can be assembled with two, three, or four rails and can be assembled to any standard height. This style can also  be assembled in standard, modified, or flush bottom rail. The RAFS-210 series of fence combines the  classic look of the flat top series with the elegant look of the spear top styles. The RAS-100 series is an  elegant and refined fence that offers a traditional wrought iron spear top look. The RAST-110 series takes the spear top style and adds a unique and charming Victorian feel with every other spear picket alternating in height. All of these styles use 2” 0r 2 ½” post and come in black, bronze, white, and custom  colors satin black or satin bronze. Our new Commercial Xtra™ line has quickly become one of our  customers favorites. The slightly bigger rail and picket is the perfect choice for the customer that’s wanting something a little bit bigger and stronger than the residential line. The Commercial Xtra™ Poolsaver™ fence is the perfect 2-rail fencing for added strength while maintaining the visual sight lines  around your pool. The Commercial Xtra™ line is available in 2”, 2 ½” or 3” posts and  is available in black,  bronze, white, and custom colors satin black or satin bronze.

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Multiple Spacing To Fit Your Needs

At Radiance Aluminum Fence we have many different options of picket spacings that are designed keeping pet security in mind the 3-13/16” picket spacing, the 2-7/8” picket spacing, and the 1-5/8” picket spacing.  The 2-7/8” picket spacing is new to our product line and we are one of the only manufacturers that offers it.  While all three of the picket spacings are available in any of our fence grades and styles, we also offer special “puppy panels”  that are strategically placed at the bottom of the fence panel.  Our Radiance Aluminum Fence pet friendly options incorporate a smooth top design and allows for an unobstructed view through the fence while helping to keep your dog safe within the confines of your yard.

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Radiance Revolutionary Rail Superior to the Competition

Radiance’s residential grade aluminum fencing is constructed of 1-1/8” x 1” x .090 wall thickness rails.  This uniquely engineered rail combines the thickest walls, most structural bends, and reinforced internal ribbing.  Our Revolutionary Rail is the only one of it’s kind to maintain an .090 wall thickness throughout the entire rail, unlike other manufacturers that use a lesser and varied thickness on the top and on the sides.  This allows us to offer a rail close to twice the thickness of our competitors.  Testing performed by an independent engineering facility confirmed that our Revolutionary Rail surpasses the competition.  By using our Revolutionary Rail on all of our fencing, we are able to provide you with the strongest, most decorative and maintenance free aluminum fence available.  We manufacture and install a variety of neighbor friendly ornamental products,  such as yard enclosures for pets, swimming pools & property security all while being neighbor friendly.  Spacing between pickets for residential are standard at 3-13/16" , 2-7/8” and 1-5/8 for even the smallest dog.

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Radiance Residential Grade Fencing Boasts:

  • .090 wall top and sides
  • Architectural strength bends
  • Decorative curves
  • Thickest walls
  • Reinforced Internal Ribs

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Discover Why Radiance Aluminum Products Stand Out Above the Rest
Since 2007, our family-owned and operated business is built on the notion to provide SE Michigan with premium American-made fencing. We manufacture our own products and have complete control over the quality of fences, gates, and accessories. Our fences have many features that separate our products from other fencing companies including:
  • NO RUST Fencing
  • Decorative Styles
  • Warranties Available
  • Financing Options
  • And More!
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