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Commercial Xtra™ Grade Fencing is Great for Commercial Projects or Your Home

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Great For Extra Security For Your Residential Home

A revolutionary product developed by Radiance Aluminum Fence, the Commercial Xtra™ line. Featuring a 1-3/8” x 1-¼” x .090 wall thickness rail with six reinforced internal ribs and  ¾” x .050 wall pickets, this line uses 2”, 2 ½”, and 3” posts. The Commercial Xtra™ horizontal rail used on all Commercial  Xtra™ fencing products is once again why Radiance Aluminum Fence is able to manufacture the thickest,  strongest, and most decorative commercial maintenance free aluminum fence available. The Commercial  Xtra™ line is perfect when you want additional strength and extra security for your residential home  project. The Commercial Xtra™ PoolSaver™ 2-rail flat top style fence is the perfect choice for  homeowners wanting additional strength, while maintaining sight lines, and meeting the 1996 BOCA pool code.

Commercial Xtra™ fencing by Radiance Aluminum Fence is also ideal for commercial applications such as  retention ponds, hospitals, airports, condominiums, apartment complexes, and any other commercial  applications.

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Secure Your Pool with Radiance PoolSaver™

Radiance Aluminum Fence is excited to offer the PoolSaver™ Fence using the Commercial Xtra™   horizontal rail. This design was developed specifically to meet all of the pool codes including the 1996  BOCA pools code and with strength in mind. The PoolSaver™Fence is a 2-rail flat top style fence constructed with the Commercial Xtra™  horizontal rail. By combining our biggest strongest rail and  ¾”  picket, this fence is the perfect choice for the pool customer wanting exceptional beauty and increased  strength while maintaining the best visual sight lines possible. We offer matching gates in single and double  drive as well as arched gates to suit your design needs.  All gates include self-closing hinges and Trident pool safety latches.

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Benefits of Upgrading to Commercial Xtra™ Fencing

Although the residential line of aluminum fence we offer is the strongest residential fence on the market, sometimes you may just want an even stronger fence. This is why we developed the Commercial Xtra™ line of fencing. When dealing with aluminum extrusions, the bigger the profile usually equates to more  strength and this is exactly what we’ve done with Commercial Xtra™. We’ve made the residential rail  bigger with inherently the same looks, but with even bigger architectural curves and the addition of two more internal ribs. It’s the perfect choice for extra strength, while not being obtrusive and remaining neighbor friendly!

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Why Commercial Xtra™ Fencing?

  • Thickest, strongest, most decorative commercial rail available
  • 6 internal ribs
  • 3/4" pickets
  • Uses 2", 2 1/2" and 3" posts
  • Architectural Curves
  • Increased strength

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